Monday, April 26, 2010

Post I

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome the world to my blog.

World, meet Blog. Blog, meet World.

...I was never very good with introductions.

This blog with a mouthful of a name is dedicated to a delightful substance called nail polish. By way of an explanation, "erudio" is Latin for "I teach." It can also mean "I polish." Now, I realize that this translation doesn't refer to lacquering varnish on one's fingernails, but you show me an Ancient Roman who used Sally Hansen and I'll show you a bottle of Clarins 230 (also known in the nail polish world as "Unicorn Pee"). Ain't gonna happen.

I'm starting this blog because I love, love, LOVE nail polish--and I enjoy talking and writing about it equally as much. A frivolous hobby? Maybe...but it's got to be more entertaining and edifying than Farmville.

Also, a friend at work, who is a makeup queen but a nail polish newbie, suggested that I start a nail blog to help those who are starting out. Three years ago I had maybe one bottle of nail polish--and I never used it. I was used to keeping my nails as short as possible (from when I played piano and violin), and thought of nail polish as only something annoying that chips in a day.

That means everything I've learned and all of the materials I own have been accumulated since then. So--newsflash! YOU can do it, too! I'm certainly no nail polish expert, but I want to share whatever tools and tips and tricks I've discovered to make your life easier as you begin your polish journey (*snorts* that's hilarously cheesy, isn't it?).

I hope to improve my application and photography skills as time goes on, and welcome all comments, critique, and suggestions. Also, if anyone has a request for a color/comparison/wear test, please let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

And, rather neatly, that aspect of the blog ties back in to the common translation of its name--I want to share what knowledge I have with others, and to develop my own skills.

It's nice to meet you, World!

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  1. Welcome to blogging. I love nail polish too.
    I'm following you now,